Corporate Engagement

In the dynamic landscape of today’s professional world, the paramount importance of a highly skilled workforce cannot be overstated. Employees have to be constantly engaged to bring in a sense of belongingness. It is the bedrock upon which organizations build their sustenance and growth. Drawing from our extensive experience of engaging and upskilling over 5000 professionals and students within the life sciences domain, in collaboration with esteemed learning partners, CLRI (Clini Launch Research Institute) and WILA (Win In Life Academy), CLBS is unwaveringly committed to delivering the finest solutions to our valued clients.
Our approach is characterized by tailor-made solutions meticulously crafted to align with specific business needs, ensuring that our clients receive precisely what they require to excel in their respective fields. Additionally, we offer a diverse array of corporate events designed to bolster organizational capabilities and create better engagement within the workforce.

Our holistic approach extends beyond training; we also offer innovative train-and-hire solutions that empower businesses to source and nurture talent in alignment with their unique objectives. We stand ready to be your partner in achieving excellence and success, one skill-enhancing initiative at a time.

Employee Development Programs

•  Corporate Trainings
•  MDP’s (Management Development Program)
•  OJT’s (On The Job Training)

Corporate Events

• Corporate Communication, Soft Skills
• Team Engagement Activities
• Business seminars


• On Demand Training
• E-Learning
• Train and Hire

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